BKC Accountants are a family run firm who pride ourselves on providing a professional yet personal service to all our clients.

BKC provide accountancy and book-keeping services for small to medium sized companies, sole traders and partnerships.


Account production

Whether you’re a sole trader, small business or large company, you’ll need to prepare annual accounts for inspection by the Inland Revenue and other agencies.
Keeping track of your spending, tax returns, profits, and other transactions can be a tough job but BKC Accountant's can deal with all these aspects for you. Using your source books, receipts and records, we can prepare your annual accounts for your tax returns.



VAT - Unless exempt due special rules, all business's who's turnover exceeds the current VAT threshold are required to register for VAT.

BKC Accountants offer services for the production and submission of VAT Return's which can also be run in conjunction with our general book-keeping services if required.

PAYE - BKC Accountants offer a limited service for employer's.



BKC Accountants offer services in connection with investigations initiated by various government bodies for the purposes of tax, VAT or PAYE.

Cash flow projections

Cash flow problems are undoubtedly one of the main factors in business failure in the UK because without a steady stream flowing in and out a business’ credit and growth can be adversely affected.

To avoid these problems and encourage your business to grow it is vital that you manage and forecast your cash flow. BKC Accountants offer a number of services that will help you to keep the money flowing smoothly through your business, these include:

1. Forecasting your cash flow by studying your customers' paying habits so you can predict when and how much they will spend.

2. Tracking your expenses each month by comparing your projected expenses to your actual expenses. This will help you to anticipate the need for more cash and therefore react immediately.

3. Projecting your sales revenues monthly, quarterly and yearly so that you can spend accordingly.

As well as keeping your business running efficiently, cash flow projections are also important for securing a bank loan or investment from a third party. You will also be able to see at a glance the timing of expected payments in relation to suppliers, wages, capital expenditure, loan repayments, dividends, tax and interest.

Tax returns

BKC Accountants complete Tax Returns on behalf of all their clients and advise of any tax liability due for the given tax year as a matter of course.

BKC Accountants also offer this services to those who are not self-employed but who are required to fill out a Tax Return due to complicated tax affairs with regards to investments, pensions and other such taxable income not associated with running a business.



There are a number of reasons why it is essential to keep regular and accurate records of your income and expenses, and these include meeting Inland Revenue and Customs and Excise regulations, controlling your finances, and effective business management.

Some sole traders and new businesses prefer to do their own bookkeeping but they often find it difficult to keep their accounts up-to-date.

BKC Accountants offer a book-keeping service to eleviate the client from this vital part of running a business.

Using your records and receipts BKC Accountatns can provide an efficient, up-to-date bookkeeping service for individuals and small business.

Mortgage applications

Having proper annual accounts is not only important to show government agencies, they can also prove invaluable in any business loan or mortgage applications as most financial institutions will want to see that you can manage your monetary affairs.

BKC Accountants offer a service to assist with mortgage or loan applications, including projected figures and accounts drawn from previous years.

In cases where Certification is mandatory, BKC Accountants are able to arrange provision for a set of accounts or projections to be certified by a FCA accountant.

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