Absolutely brilliant, your account of true events in prose. Couldn't stop once I started and enjoyed it thoroughly all the way through. Your representation of the characters and the woman's struggle was superb. I have recommended the piece to some of my friends who enjoy a good horror story.
Andy Strutt

The author has created such an interesting story, I felt I was watching the unfolding of a CBS 48 Hours Drama, complete with fully drawn characters and dialogue that truly enhances the drama and foreboding of a story based on real facts. Readers will be drawn in with the delicately told story, not rushing, but advancing what is to come in a timely fashion to hold readers in tow.
Lenore Christopher

I'm a big fan of books like this, sometimes it's nice to find a book that just creeps you out and yours did! Mix in a little religion and it makes it even better! There is something going on here that slowly builds, much like I'd imagine it would in real life. It makes the suspense build nicely. I watch a lot of those shows that deal with this kind of thing so I already came into this book expecting to like it. You did not disappoint!
Missy Fleming


Great use of dialogue here. interesting and intellegent
Su Dan


Quite an amazing story that you,ve written A.J.
How the lives of a loving couple, Joanna and Jon could change so dramatically after moving house.
Jon's whole nature seemed to turn for the worst.
Excellent book and very well written, you should be proud of it.

Neville Kent


Dear Alex, your book was a benevolence of hope, written with such passion and professionalism. The fact that it is written about true experiences only highlights the craft that the writer is capable of producing. The poise with which you write, was enough to envelop me!
Carl E Wilde


MUSIC: "The Prayer" by tetra'tum



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