Small Holding & Allotment Act 1908

Allotments Act 1922

Allotments Act 1925

Allotment Act 1950

Animal Welfare Act 2006

Poultry Farming: Welfare Regulations

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There are 4 Act's of parliment procuring directly to the setting up and running of Allotments.

Where the Allotment Committee permit livestock, the Animal Welfare Act 2006 must be strictly observed at all times.

Currently, hens (between 2 and 5, but no cockrels) and rabbits may, at the discression of the Allotment Committee, be kept on site.

There are also provision for pigs and goats to be kept on an allotment in the legislation. However, it is unlikely that any such animal would be deemed suitable for Slapton due to the sight of the allotment and neighbouring property.

It should be noted that ANY produce from an allotment is for personal consumption only and so, no business should be run from a plot or plots.

Land Management

Weed Act 1959

Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981

Manure Regulations and handling, and composting advice

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Prevention of Damage by Rabbits Act 1939

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Power to require occupier to prevent spreading of injurious weeds.

Power to protect native endangered species (birds, animals, flowers etc.)






Public Rights of Way

Rights Of Way Act 1990

Countryside and Rights Of Way Act 2000

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Neighbouring property

Environmental Protection Act 1990

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Reporting a nuiscance to AVDC

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Environmental Protection Act 1990 Part II

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The Environmental Protection Act 1990 (as amended) which regulates pollution and nuisances can be used by the District Council

Section 79 of the Act specifically includes the definition of a statutory nuisance. In broad terms a nuisaance is determed by regular activity that reduces the quality of life of the neighbouring community. For example:

a) Noise polution - ie regular and prolonged use of loud equipement above the recommended dB

b) Air polution - ie regular burning of bonfires, specifically at weekends and bank holidays or when air quality is poor generally

c) Anti-social behaviour - ie damage to allotment crops or property as a result of ball games, such as driving golf balls in the allotment area

d) Dog fowling

For the full list of pollution and nuisances relating to EPA (1990) please go to the Gov.UK site, the link of which is on the page.

Section 80(1) of the act states that where a local authority is satisfied that a statutory nuisance exists or is likely to occur or recur it shall serve an abatement notice. The local contact is the environmental protection officer at your local district council, the link to the relevant form of which is listed on this page.

The Environmental Protection Act 1990 PART II relates specifically to controlled waste on land; pollution of the environment due to mis-management; when a permit is required; laws relating to fly tipping;  correct disposal of waste, handling of manure and other legislation to ensure a safe and healthy environment is maintained at all times to avoid prosecution.